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Friday, 14 January 2011

Non Prophet Week

Fellow Humanists,

The time has come for us as a society to deliver more than words, the time has come for action!

Maybe such a powerful tone isn't necessary... either way, the sentiment is still true. We can talk all we like as humanists about the ills of the church and the importance of secularism, but, as I suggested in a previous post, one thing the church does well is charity. They don't just do charity well, they are also seen to be doing charity well; this latter point is crucial because it maintains a positive public perception of organised religions.

So, what's important is for secular organisations to show that this charity and goodwill does not stem from sacred texts and all powerful deities, but instead from our own sense of morality, a product of both ourselves and society.

Our intention for this society is to be seen as a charitable organisation on campus. Not all members need to be active on this side, though I'm sure there are plenty of potential fundraisers lurking amongst our ranks. I'm aware we have exec members from both Amnesty International and Oxfam on our books and I think it would be great to work closely with them.

Therefore, I propose that for Non Prophet Week, ran by the AHS, we should attempt to team up with both Amnesty and Oxfam to raise money for each. If the two charities are willing to participate then we could make this a significant charity event in the Lent term. I feel it would be a fitting way for the Humanists Association to announce it's arrival to campus. Non Prophet Week runs from the 7th - 13th of February, in the meantime I think it's important we find time to come together and discuss potential routes of raising money.

If you want to check out any more information about Non Prophet Week follow the link below:

I can't wait for our next meeting where we can finalise the details for constitution, and work towards our future goals.


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